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Welcome to Food Project UK Ltd.

New & Used Food Packaging Machinery Specialists

Who are we?

We are an engineering company in the North East of England, specialising in refurbishing, servicing and the sale of new and used food packaging machinery.

We have been running since 2009 and we supply new and used packaging machinery to end users, both small and large, all over the UK and around the world.

What do we do?

  • Sales of new and used machinery via a range of online websites
  • Sourcing used equipment to build complete bespoke packing lines
  • Refurbishing and servicing of packaging machinery
  • Sales of new packaging machinery and complete packing lines
  • Sales of checkweighers and metal detectors.

Weighing machines and Bagging Machines

We mainly specialize in weighing and bagging machinery, particularly multihead weighers and vertical form fill seal bagging machines. These are what we know best and we have refurbished and sold many of these, often as a complete packing line, all over world.

Super 240 VFFS Bagging Machine

New Packaging Machinery

We also provide brand new packaging machinery under our MultiPak brand name. We provide complete packing lines including weighing machines, bagging machines, elevators, feed systems and end of line systems.

Our MultiPak branded machinery is extremely affordable and very competitively placed.

Visit for more information and to see a wide range of available machinery.


Bagging Machines | Weighing Machines | Complete Lines | Elevators | Rotary Tables | Ancillary | Checkweighers | Metal Detectors

Checkweighers and Metal Detectors

Our most recent product lines are checkweighers, metal detectors and combined units that are ideal for in-line quality control and inspection systems.

Our machines are fast, accurate and reliable and, as with our other MultiPak branded machinery, they are extremely competativley priced.

Check out for more details, photos and videos.


Our websites

We have a range of websites that we use to advertise not only our own, but also other peoples unwanted or available machinery.

We promote related machinery, free of charge via these online resources and charge a small commission on top of any sale to the buyer.

We are in the process of building more websites as well as a brand new food machinery marketplace called Machinery Finder that will allow sellers to upload and sell their own machines, free of charge.